New QuickBooks App for Android Lets You Text Invoices

If you were looking for a new QuickBooks App, you are in luck. In June, Google released ‘Messages for Web’ for Android users. This QuickBooks app is similar to the Apple iPhone iMessage for Mac. The App allows you to create and respond to text directly from your computer. Simply stated, you can text QBO invoices using the new Android App!

Why this is so exciting? Well, over the years I have had a few clients who used texting as their primary mode of communication. These clients were slow to respond to emails. Many of these clients had even asked me if they could have their invoices texted to them instead of being emailed. In the accounting world, time is money. An app that can save you time saves you money. And, an app like this one can get you paid faster! Using the new ‘Messages for Web’ communicating with your clients who prefer to text rather than email is now an easy task.

Check out the step-by-step instructions for this awesome QuickBooks app here.