Tips for Impressing Tenants


  1. The Devil’s in the Details 

The devil’s in the details when your property has a five star rating and you offer all the benefits to your tenants. These are really nice and all but it doesn’t mean that people will not check the details. Deep cleaning is the most important thing. To be successful, you’ll have to get in the nitty gritty of the property and do your check ups. 

       2. Be the Protector 

Don’t just show your property. If and when you get a call from a future tenant, then take all the details and ask them to fill in your application form. Give yourself time to know them and then go. 

  1. No Night Showings

Number 3 is an obvious one but one that needs to be said. Don’t show your property at night.  Make sure the tenants or future tenants who will stay there lock each door after showing. Take the proper roads instead of shortcuts. Let the tenants park in the driveway as if it’s theirs. You have to give importance to these things. After that, the protection will be there without any doubt.

        4. Tell Me About the Interesting Property     

Tenants need to know about any perks or special benefits of the property. Is the property located near a mall or park? Let them know about their surrounding areas. Let them know about the ease of life by staying there. You should inform them about the local markets, restaurants and all. After knowing everything, making the mind will be easier. 


  1. Gather the Feedback

Customer service is a top priority for tenants. After showing the apartments you don’t just wait around. You should have a conversation with them. Inquire about what they are thinking of. This will help you to get the right response. When the tenants are satisfied with the property, then try to schedule a date for the contract and paperwork. If for any reason, you find that they are no longer interested in the property, then ask politely if there’s anything you can do to make the property perfect for them.