Take Advantage of “New Client Discounts”

If you are not working with a QuickBooks Cloud ProAdvisor you really should be… just look at this stellar new client discount as to one more reason why.

Prices are soaring on everything from houses to lunch meat! Doesn’t a client discount sound refreshing? As a ProAdvisor firm support QuickBooks Online a discount is being offered for new clients with multiple companies. The price break available for Multi-Company is the best price available when your client has multiple companies and needs to get started using QuickBooks Online.

By taking advantage of this promotion for your ‘New to QBO’ clients you can be locking in the discounting at $20/month/account for up to 10 additional QBO accounts for 2 years and avoiding any price increases on the additional accounts. The Client’s first account will be their Parent account and that account will be billed at the regular Wholesale price.  In other words, “the client’s first subscription of QBO Plus will be at the ProAdvisor wholesale discount price and each of the additional company subscriptions will be for $20 each per month for two years.”

You can find all the details along with the official Terms and Conditions here: http://quickbooks.intuit.com/var/client-discounts-terms2/ (Please note when you read this that there are two different calendar periods involved and we are dealing with the most recent calendar period.)

QuickBooks Users who want to take advantage of this offer must reach out to a QuickBooks Cloud ProAdvisor to enroll in this discount offering.

Another offering currently available is the ProAdvisor ‘firm-wide transition from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online’ discount (we will have more about this discount in a future article).

Receiving discount news and product updates is a great reason to reach out and connect with your QuickBooks Cloud ProAdvisor, or better yet, to be a QuickBooks ProAdvisor if you are not one, and you qualify.