QuickBooks Payments Setup and Features

While helping a customer set up QuickBooks Payments, there were a few new options available and wanted to share this!

Living in a virtual world everything is done by phone or email these days which makes it hard to ignore. This is why we are excited about the new QB Invoice Sharing Links! Now you are able to just copy a link over and share via text, email and even social media. 

When setting up QuickBooks Payments, you will be asked several questions to help streamline this process i.e. “How Do You Want To Invoice?”. You can even select several. Once you are finished with that it will ask “How Do You Want To Get Paid?”. There are many different standard options and if you are an Apple lover, they even have Apple Pay. 

After selecting the various options, you are given a new “Payment Links” tab inside the Sales Center. 

These new Payments Links are great for reaching people on all different devices and platforms and really easy to use. When you switch to the “Payment Links” tab, this is what it looks like (below) the first time. 

Even if you are not a new user QuickBooks Payments user, the Payments Links tab is available to you in the Sales Center as long as you have an active QuickBooks Merchant Services Account.

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