QuickBooks Online Quick Create Button is Moving & New Name too!

QuickBooks Online is never far from my thoughts. While out on the Intuit Master Class Road Tour last week I heard some news. I heard“over the next few weeks, the QBO Quick Create (Plus Sign) will receive a new home and a new name!”

My first response was, “Why?”

But then I was told, the answer is… “user feedback.” Many end users have said they like all their navigation tools on the left. This is where they perform the rest of their daily tasks. By renaming the Quick Create to ‘+ New‘, it calls out to what the feature is designed to do, which is to help create new transactions quickly.

As with most QuickBooks Online enhancements, the feature will roll-out in phases. So, don’t expect all your clients to receive it at the same time. You shouldn’t necessarily expect to receive it at the same time as your clients either.

It’s important to remember each time we train our clients we are asking them to trust us. In order to continually earn this trust, we should provide our clients with expected timelines. This way, they too can anticipate the upcoming adjustments.

Even the move and rename of the QBO ‘Quick Create‘ to the ‘+ New‘ will be an adjustment for some users.

To read more about this new name and transition, click here!