QuickBooks Online Dashboard Tile Advertisements

This week while working in QBO I was watching the tiles on the QBO Dashboard rotate. Sometimes, more than others, the colorful tiles catch my attention. I have to click on them to see what’s happening. (Perhaps I am just more easily amused than you?)

Lists, Lists, Lists

This time, I was on the phone and listening to my client, when the QBO dashboard Tile rotated to a Discover card. This particular card caught my attention because it read “Check this off your list”. I love lists! I need lists! What if I didn’t have this item on my list? Or, even better, what if I had already done it? I could say “I have checked it off my list!”

My Discovery

I happily followed along to discover what was behind the card… I wasn’t disappointed. Of course, the year-end timing is what made this discovery perfect. Behind the Tile I found opportunities to purchase QuickBooks check stock and tax forms. I had the chance to get ready for Dreaded Tax Form Day!

Because of the rotating tiles ‘discovery option’ I got the chance to get ahead and order my end-of-the-year QuickBooks compatible tax forms. You know those W-2 forms, and 1099 forms, and their companion W-3 and 1096 forms, Not to mention those specialized envelopes you have to have if you are going to mail the silly things out to countless numbers of employees and independent contractors.

For me, the QBO Dashboard ‘Discover’ tile actually did make ordering my end-of-year tax forms super easy. And, if you are busy like I am, maybe it’s a good thing to get a little reminder. So you don’t forget to cross those important tasks ‘off your list.’

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