QuickBooks App Mileage Tracker Has Arrived

A New QuickBooks App

The new QuickBooks App is a Mileage Tracker! It has now arrived for all versions of QuickBooks Online (in the USA). And, as Murph will tell you, in no uncertain terms, you heard it here first… six months ago!

Did someone say deductions? 

Tax deductions are the biggest reason we put ourselves through the torment of tracking mileage! However, my belief is most small business owners miss out on mileage deductions because they resist keeping a mileage log.

But this new Mileage Tracker is available now in all versions of QuickBooks Online. Furthermore, Mileage Tracking is built-in at no additional cost, and therefore the job of tracking your mileage ia a breeze.

Keep More of Your Money! 

The new mileage tracking QuickBooks app is designed to be easy to use and is built directly into QuickBooks Online! In effect, what this means for small business owners is they can keep more of their hard-earned cash. What the new QuickBooks Online Mileage Tracker means for accountants, is we do not need to worry about tracking down notebooks with handwritten mileage memos (if there is one). QuickBooks Online mileage tracker is valid for tax purposes even in cases of an audit.

To read more about this new QuickBooks app, click here.