Have Sick Days Become Unnecessary?

Have Sick Days Become Unnecessary?

No! Sick days are still most definitely necessary and here’s why. If you are like most people, being sick isn’t a common issue. However, when the day comes that you are too sick to even get out of bed, it’s extremely handy to be able to take a day off and give yourself time to rest. When you get trampled by the flu, it doesn’t matter that your computer is ten feet away; the only place you want to go is back to bed.


We live in an age where technology has made our lives a lot easier. Teleworking, or working from home, is an example of technology giving us an easier way of life. A common topic of complaint is the dreaded feeling of having to go to work. It’s not a surprise that there is a growing number of employees doing their job from home. I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend all day in their pjs?

Teleworking also pairs well with those of us who aren’t people persons. Working from the house allows us to stay in our element, and since we are more comfortable in our environment, it’s easier to get work done and be more productive.

There are days when we wake up and the thought of getting dressed and sitting at work all day seems like the absolute worst idea possible. For these occasions, where you would normally just throw in the towel and stay home, teleworking makes it so that you don’t have to take off. However, sick days are still necessary for those who work from home. When your body is run down from being sick, it doesn’t matter if your job is at your house. Taking time off for illness gives your body the rest it needs in order to get better.

So, Do We Still Need Sick Days?

As far as I’m concerned, yes, sick days are still necessary. The computer may be in the other room, but if you are regurgitating your breakfast, or hacking and coughing up a lung, then working probably isn’t at the top of your agenda and isn’t something you should be stressing about. Taking care of yourself should be a priority, whether it’s calling in for a doctor’s appointment, watching your sick child, having a much needed mental health day, or simply just because you are ill. When life throws a curveball at you, sometimes all you need to do is take a sick day.

By: Valerie Scott
January 13, 2019
Valerie Scott is our newest member of Accounting Lifeline and daughter of Liz Scott.