Using the Golden Circle to Determine the Best Apps for Your Business

While in London… oh goodness, anything that follows that phrase must be fantastic! And it was! London is densely populated, which means deep and engaging conversations about the same topic from many perspectives.

While there, I was fortunate to listen to a panel discussion at QuickBooks Connect which revolved around app consulting. The discussion moved through: client needs, selection, recommending, implementing and supporting apps. Admittedly, app consulting is not what most accountants thought they would be spending a great deal of time doing. But the reality is our clients are reaching out for help in the apps market and who better to guide them than their accountant.

App consulting is another good example of “who moved my cheese.” If we are truly steering our clients into more profit and a better understanding of their books, then we must acknowledge that apps are a way to increase efficiency and transparency. By utilizing apps, we create an opportunity for better management decisions.

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