Using QBO Class Preferences for Items

As a consultant, most often my job is to find out how small businesses can gain more. More insight, more profit, more streamlined processes. And of course, I love it when my advice truly impacts my clients’ lives and operations.

Last Spring, QBO inventory added several features to aid in a more robust internal system. But it really hits home when these new features take you from ‘good enough’ to ‘amazing’ in the eyes of those whom we serve; the small business.

The feature which I am referring to is Class Tracking Preferences for QBO Items. Because Classes are used to identify related data when used in a transaction, they can show correlations which help establish links in data. For example, if goods or services are sold using Classes, insight can be gained as to which department, location or type of business to which the transaction corresponds. Granular insights empower management decisions.

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