Revised ‘Reclassify Transactions’ feature for QBO-Accountant Tools

Intuit has revised the Reclassify Transactions feature available within the QBO-Accountant tools.

The old ‘reclassify transactions’ feature was built upon a prior underlying technology that was no longer supported or consistent with the current technology being utilized within QBO. This made the resolution of bugs difficult, and also posed problems in attempting to make changes or add enhancements users requested. In addition, it prevented users from optimizing the window for accessibility.

First introduced as a direct response to customer feedback, the new reclassify transactions screen enhances and harmonizes the existing bulk reclassify experience for users. This innovation solves usability issues and provides a consistent experience for users. The newly revised tool also gives you the ability to ‘Edit columns’ and change how data is displayed. Additional features and functions are planned for the new interface including:

  • Search for account names
  • Add new account and class within the tool
  • Additional ‘types’ under list
  • And more (please submit your ‘feedback’)

So, make certain to stay on the watch for these changes over the new few weeks and months to come as the team continues to roll out enhancements. To see the full article, read here.