QuickBooks Expert Talks About QBO ‘Toggle’ – a Business View Switch

A QuickBooks expert talks about the QuickBooks Online Business Switch View

As a QuickBooks Expert, I frequently hear from Small business owners that have concerns about not understanding accounting, therefore they are not understanding QuickBooks. The new QBO Business View Switch is an attempt to help these users better understand their numbers.

Those who are either bookkeepers or acountants or easily grasp numbers glide through QBO with ease but those who struggle need another way to pick up on what it all means. One of the biggest concerns small business owners face is understanding cash flow.

There are many ways a QuickBooks Expert can respond to this feedback. One is more time spent one-on-one with clients and their accounting expert breaking down the numbers, another is their accounting expert directing them to the numerous YouTube videos many of our peers have created, and another is the new Business View Switch.

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