More Unachievable Goals

It’s officially 2019!! It’s that time of year to start fresh, pick out things you want to improve this year and, most importantly, make some more unachievable goals. Woohoo!! First of all, before you pick out a bunch of things you want to change, take a breath and congratulate yourself on making it through another year; because dang-it, life is hard!

It might not seem like much of a victory with just a change from an 8 to a 9, but it really is something to give yourself a pat on the back for. So, go ahead, have another glass of wine and watch another episode of Grey’s Anatomy because, who knows? They might discontinue your favorite wine or stop making that wonderful chocolate cake at Walmart.

Not saying that I haven’t fallen into 2019 goals for the new year too! I personally want to lose ten pounds and try to wear all matching socks in 2019… but come on, I’m wearing two different colored socks right now. If you are choosing your New Year’s resolution, try to pick something realistic. Give yourself a challenge but don’t be so hard on yourself if you’re still eating the chocolate you told yourself was forbidden.

We, as humans, are always nitpicking at ourselves, and it’s freaking exhausting. If you’re finding yourself getting too stressed or wishing you had “this” or wishing you didn’t have “that”, then stop. Take a breath and go take a relaxing bath with lots of bubbles or go do something nice for yourself because life doesn’t have to be this stressful! Life’s too short to be standing in front of the mirror wanting her hair or wanting his body. Next time you hear that voice in the back of your head saying mean things tell it go back to the hell hole it came from! Take control of that mean voice and start saying some nice things. Yes, your hair might not have turned out like you wanted it but, at least you brushed it!

When picking out your 2019 New Year’s resolution, find some small goals you know you can accomplish and then set your big goals. That way if you don’t quite make your big goal, you’ll still have made some little improvements.

You can’t move a mountain overnight, but if you keep moving little shovelfuls of that mountain then eventually you are going to make a pretty noticeable dent.

As you plan for the year remember to reach out to us for support to accomplish your goals. Whether it is short term goals i.e., 1099s and year-end closings or goals which require more planning such as accounting technology or bookkeeping tweaks use your lifeline as your accountability and planning buddy!

By: Valerie Scott

January 13, 2019

Valerie Scott is our newest member of Accounting Lifeline and daughter of Liz Scott.