Intuit Online Payroll Transition Questions

Intuit Online Payroll for Accountant users has received notifications of the upcoming sunset of the service. In addition, the message states a soon-to-be transition to QuickBooks Payroll. I’ve received numerous emails seeking answers to how these changes will affect my fellow accountant firms. Although I don’t have all the answers, I have heard back from various sources. 

When collecting the information from the various sources, I am going to share with you what I have learned so I may enlighten a path forward by responding to the most common frequently asked questions I have received and the corresponding answers I’ve been able to obtain.  

Question: When a client is moved from Intuit Online Payroll for Accountants, will they be merged to QuickBooks Online Payroll? 

Answer: Based on collected information to date, the answer is yes. More than likely, these clients will be transitioned to QuickBooks Online Payroll when appropriate. 

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Question: When a client is switched to QuickBooks Payroll, which version of QuickBooks Payroll will they be migrated to?

Answer: As I understand it, the answer is the default QuickBooks Payroll Core subscription. We know that QuickBooks Payroll Core is a full-service product. When used in relation to QuickBooks Payroll, the phrase “full-service” means users have the option for e-pay and e-filing payroll tax liabilities. 

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Question: When a client is transitioned to the new QuickBooks Payroll subscriptions, what kind of data will be exported and migrated?


Answer: As it was explained to me, we know there is an export for transitioning data from various Intuit Payroll solutions using IIF files. For reference, you can review the following Intuit link Export into QuickBooks Online or Desktop from Standalone. I cannot confirm that this is the only way data can be migrated to the new QuickBooks Payroll subscriptions. 

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Question: When a client reviews their QuickBooks, what will they see? Will clients have the ability to make edits and changes to payroll? 

Answer: According to my sources, we know there are various versions of payroll. A subscription such as QuickBooks Online Payroll standalone can be located outside of the QuickBooks Online accounting subscription. So yes, both options are possible for accountants in combination with clients to determine what is best for payroll to be located inside or outside of the QuickBooks accounting subscription. 

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Question: When a client accesses their QuickBooks Payroll, will pricing be visible? 

Answer: From what I understand, we know currently clients can view the pricing of all QuickBooks products by searching the internet. However, they do not have wholesale prices visible inside their QuickBooks subscription for those clients on wholesale pricing. 

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Question: When a client is merged to QuickBooks Online Payroll, will the client subscription be visible on the QuickBooks Online Accountant dashboard? 

Answer: From what I have been told, we know clients with QuickBooks Online Payroll subscriptions. Yes, they are visible and accessible from our QuickBooks Online Accountant dashboard. A known caveat is when users have QuickBooks Online Payroll standalone accounts accessible when choosing which company to log in to. 

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