QBO Bank Feed Video Game – ‘Just Kidding’

Yes, I was just kidding when I called this article QBO Bank Feed Video Game. In fact Murph edited the rough draft of my title to insert the ‘just kidding’ so everyone would know without opening the story. But really, I think QBO Bank Feeds are just about as much fun as a video game, and perhaps even more addictive.

I wonder if Intuit really intended for Bank Feeds to make importing your income and expenses to know your real bank balance so easy that it has become super fun? So, I really wanted to know if you are among the group who, like me,  thinks Bank Feeds are just as much fun as your favorite video game?

Well, if you thought they were already fun, just wait, because the fun has just begun. Bank Feeds are now better than ever. What makes them better, you ask? The answer is simple, ‘Bank Feed Categories’ that make importing your bank information easier by sorting expenses into groups.

I know, you can hardly wait you are so excited about this new functionality, so let’s take a look!