Payroll Made Easy with QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online Payroll is the new Accounting / HR Assistant! There are 3 different types of subscriptions (Core, Premium and Elite) which are the newest additions that launched this month. This feature will help you calculate the totals for payroll as well as pay the employees directly via ACH. No more 3rd party headaches and reconciliation of the expense; it is all in one place! The best part is it also offers e-file for payroll taxes on your company’s or client’s behalf which means no more drowning in forms, errors and even fees for late submission! This tool will help you stay on time and be accurate in your reporting.
When setting up this feature, you will be asked important questions regarding filing your liabilities as well as local payroll liability rates. This helps QuickBooks to calculate the correct amounts for e-pay as well as the e-filing method and timeline requirements.
Click here to learn more about QuickBooks Online Payroll or contact us today to discuss how we can make your life easier with this new feature. We are here to help!