QuickBooks Setup

Hire an accounting professional to set up your books and get training to ensure you’re doing it right.

At Accounting Lifeline, we understand how valuable your time and money are. That’s why we ensure you spend both productively. We trust our process to accurately setup your QuickBooks using best practices to create a user-friendly process. We also work with your tax accountant to verify all parties are collaborating together in your best interest.    

Not sure you’re ready for QuickBooks? No worries--we provide one-on-one training, so you’ll be confidently processing transactions in QuickBooks in no time. We also create user’s guides and demo videos if you needing further training. Of course, we are always just a phone call away if you need us.

We also provide QuickBooks conversions whether you are using excel, another accounting program or any of the various versions of QuickBooks and want to make the switch to another QuickBooks version.  

For more information, contact Accounting Lifeline.