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    QBO Full Service Payroll Same Day Direct Deposit

    If you have been reading this column for some time then you know that I am a QBO Full Service Payroll fan. In-fact I just might be their #1 fan and now…I have another reason to be excited with Same Day Direct Deposits!Starting February 22, 2018 QBO Full Service Payroll will be rolling out this new ability which is free. To take advantage of same day direct deposit you must:Have an active U.S.   Read More +

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    My 10 Favorite Apps – Guru Importer

    It has been a couple of weeks since the last installment of my "Top 10 Favorite Apps" series, so please remember the reviews are in no particular order. They just happen to be the apps my firm loves to work with. Continuing on my mission to create synergy and utilize time saving technology, Guru Importer is my third favorite app.While it may be a lesser known app, I consider it vitally important for importing IIF, TXT and CSV files into QuickBooks Online. Among the reasons I like it are the...  Read More +