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    Surprising Changes to QBO Reconciliation

    Bank reconciliations can be such a chore. Thankfully, 'Bank Feeds' improved the pain level, but just a few dollar differences can seemingly take forever to find if your account has what amounts to a gazillion transactions. Now, there are two new improvements to the reconciliation experience that add convenience and accuracy to really help when it comes to reconciling some date sensitive transactions.You may not have seen these enhancements because not everyone using QBO has gotten them yet.   Read More +

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    QBO Bank Feed Video Game - 'Just Kidding'

    Yes, I am just kidding when I called this article QBO Bank Feed Video Game. In fact Murph edited the rough draft of my title to insert the 'just kidding' so everyone would know without opening the story.  But really, I think QBO Bank Feeds are just about as much fun as a video game, and perhaps even more addictive. I wonder if Intuit really intended for Bank Feeds to make importing your income and expenses to know your real bank balance so easy that it has become super fun?   Read More +